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Dr. Curtis' Bracket Challenge

Enter Dr. Curtis' 2023 NCAA Bracket Challenge!


First Prize - $200 Cash

Second Prize - $100 Cash


Third Prize - $50 Cash

Fourth Prize - $50 Cash


You must have your entry completed by noon on Thursday, March 16th to be eligible!



 This contest is only available to patients (former and current) and families of our practice.

Awards will only be made to patients with accounts in good standing.


 Dr. Curtis and Staff (and UPS and Fedex guys, etc.) and friends that are not patients

 or parents of patients are not eligible to win prizes.


Points will be awarded following each round.

1 point per correctly picked winner of the first round.

 2 points per correct Sweet 16 team.

 3 points per correct Final 8 team.

 4 points per correct Final 4 team.

 5 points per correct NCAA Final team.

 6 points for predicting the correct champion.


 Tiebreaker will go to the correct champion predictor.

If none are correct or all are correct, tiebreaker goes to closest to picking the total points in the final game.